Question: How To Fry Gulab Jamun Without Breaking?

Why does gulab jamun break while frying?

It should not be too sticky or too dry, else it may break while frying. When you knead the gulab jamun dough, make sure there are any lumps in it. Do not knead it for too long either. As soon as you get a smooth and binding dough, start shaping the gulab jamuns.

What to do if gulab jamun dissolve while frying?

If you find that the gulab jamun are disintegrating in oil, there are 2 reasons, one being the oil is not hot enough and second, the dough is probably too dry. Add some more water or milk and knead again. Then proceed with frying the jamuns in batches. It will take 3-4 minutes for the jamuns to take on a color.

How do you soften gulab jamun after frying?

While kneading the jamuns into smooth balls, if you find lots of wrinkles on the surface of the jamuns, then you know that your dough is too tight. Add a little more fresh Khova ( if you have on hand) or otherwise few tsp. of milk. Knead the dough again until smooth.

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Why gulab jamun is not soaking syrup?

If you have used too much of baking powder, then Gulab Jamuns will become too soft. If it is too hot, then the shape of Gulab Jamuns will change. If the syrup is too cold, then the Gulab Jamuns won’t soak the syrup. So, keep the syrup warm.

Can you fry gulab jamun in oil?

While frying the gulab jamuns: the most important thing is to fry at medium-low heat. If you fry at high heat, the jamuns will not be cooked from inside and will also turn hard. It’s best to first heat oil/ghee at medium heat for 5 minutes, then low the heat to low and then drop the balls in the oil.

In which oil gulab jamun is fried?

Frying perfectly Traditionally ghee is used to fry them. However you can also use oil. Alternately you can also add a few tbsps of ghee to the oil while you fry. This will give a similar flavour as the ghee fried gulab jamuns.

Why do Gulab jamuns become too soft?

If the gulab jamuns are fried on high heat, they will become hard inside and not fully cooked. Too much baking soda will cause the gulab jamuns to get too soft or they will break apart when frying. This will cause the gulab jamuns to lose their shape and become chewy.

Do you eat gulab jamun hot or cold?

Soak The Jamuns In Syrup They can be refrigerated for up to 5-6 days. These are divine as tiny portioned-dessert or to satisfy sweet tooth cravings any time of the day. They can be served hot with ice-cream for an interesting hot and cold sweet combo.

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Why does gulab jamun melt in oil?

Too much baking soda can cause the Jamuns to disintegrate in the oil and then in the syrup.

What happens if water is more in gulab jamun mix?

If the jamun has more water content, ADD milk powder. NEVER add maida or any flour to suck the extra water added. It is very important hint in getting successful gulabjamuns. So keep some milk powder handy (Milk powders never go wastehi..hi).

Can you reheat gulab jamun?

How do I reheat Gulab Jamun? I usually stick to the microwave for reheating the gulab jamuns along with sugar syrup. They get perfectly soft and spongy. Transfer the sweet to a wide microwave-safe bowl and heat for 5 – 10 minutes at high power.

Is gulab jamun healthy?

Commercially manufactured gulab jamun has added sugar and preservatives which can cause health issues. People with diabetes need to be excessively aware of the repercussions this sugary dessert can have on their blood sugar levels.

What is gulab jamun called in English?

The word “gulab” is derived from the Persian words gol (flower) and āb (water), referring to the rose water-scented syrup. “Jamun” or “jaman” is the Hindi word for Syzygium jambolanum, an Indian fruit with a similar size and shape, commonly known as black plum.

Which gulab jamun mix is good?

MTR Sweet – Gulab Jamun Mix, 175g (Buy 1 get 1) You can prepare soft and delicious gulab jamuns with this ready mix. After frying, soak them in sugar syrup for a while and you are good to go. You can prepare soft and delicious gulab jamuns with this ready mix.

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