Often asked: How To Cut Cabbage For Stir Fry?

How do you cut cabbage across the grain?

With a chef’s knife, cut in half lengthwise, all the way through the core. If you’re making shredded cabbage, you need to remove the triangular core. To do this, cut into the core at an angle where the stem meets the leaves of the cabbage, and remove it from each half.

Can you shred cabbage in a blender?

Peel outer leaves from cabbage and cut into fourths. Remove core and cut into smaller pieces. Place about 1/3 to 1/2 of the cut pieces into a Ninja, Vitamix, or a blender and add water to cover. Pulse a few times until cabbage is shredded.

Do you have to wash cabbage?

Cabbage. The outer layer isn’t going to be eaten so why wash it? There’s good reason: Worms or other insects could be inside the cabbage, so to be safe, remove the thick outer leaves, cut the cabbage into wedges, and rinse them in a colander under running water.

How do you shred cabbage in a grater?

Shred the cabbage with a box grater on the side with large holes, by placing the cabbage quarter flat against the holes with your hand and using a forceful downward sliding motion. This will produce a very fine shred. Carefully keep your fingers away from the grater holes.

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How do you cut a cabbage in cubes?

To chop, place half the head on a cutting board, cut side down, slice it crosswise into wide ribbons, then rotate the head and cut the ribbons into cubes. For thin, coleslaw-like shredded cabbage, cut the halves into quarters, then “peel” the flat surfaces into thin slivers using a Y-shaped vegetable peeler.

Should I wash cabbage before making coleslaw?

The outer leaves of a cabbage generally keep the compact inner leaves clean, so washing is relatively easy. Do wait to wash the vegetable until just before you plan to use it or you’ll encourage quick deterioration of this otherwise long-lasting vegetable.

How do you cut and cook red cabbage?

How to cut cabbage step by step

  1. Remove any outer layers of the cabbage that seem tough or are not fresh, and discard them.
  2. With a large chef’s knife, slice off the root of the cabbage.
  3. Cut the cabbage in half through the stem.
  4. Cut the cabbage into quarters.
  5. Remove the root of the cabbage by cutting it out diagonally.

Do you wash purple cabbage?

Even though the inside of cabbage is usually clean since the outer leaves protect it, you still may want to clean it. Remove the thick fibrous outer leaves and cut the cabbage into pieces and then wash under running water. To preserve its vitamin C content, cut and wash the cabbage right before cooking or eating it.

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