Quick Answer: How To Make Fried Wai Wai?

Is Wai Wai bad for health?

Wai Wai X-press Instant Noodles Masala Delight claimed to be enriched with iron. However, iron was found to be only 2.6 mg against the claim of seven mg. “High levels of sodium, fat and carbohydrates can lead to lifethreatening conditions such as cardiac disorders and blood pressure problems,” Shah said.

Is Wai Wai healthier than Maggi?

Maggi or Wai Wai, both have their pros and cons.. As a time factor and for worth of money, noodles may seem to be a quick better breakfast option but not a major meal option, as it lacks in micro nutrients. And Maggi noodle can be a better choice to wai wai due to their nutritional aspects.

Can we eat Wai Wai without cooking?

Try watching this video on www.youtube.com, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. Wai Wai, a Nepali noodle brand launched in 1972, has released two spots for its ‘ready to eat’ noodles that turn this experience on its head. You can either eat Wai Wai noodles straight from the pack, or cook it.

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How do you make Wai Wai Oriental instant noodles?

When making mee krob, put these noodles into hot oil and they instantly quadruple in size as if to pop like popcorn. Otherwise, simply cook (or soak) in warm water for just two minutes, and they make a really healthy, hearty meal stir-fried or in soup. Add sliced meat and vegetables if you prefer.

Does Wai Wai noodles have MSG?

Monosodium glutamate, also commonly known as Ajinomoto, is a taste enhancer and is mostly used in Chinese food, canned vegetables, soups and processed meats. But according to the tests conducted by VOICE, Wai Wai had the highest amount of MSG in it.

Is Wai Wai tasty?

Very tasty,u can eat directly or by boiling,the seasoning is awesome,that extract of the onion oil and masala is awesome,Maggie is fail in front of this wai wai noodles. great work keep it up and one request to the seller of Amazon to keep more stocks.

Is Wai Wai a non veg?

Grocery & Gourmet Foods This is a Non-vegetarian product.

Is Wai Wai made in India?

Stay safe, stay home, and enjoy Wai Wai straight from the pack or in a bowl. It’s made safe. It’s Made in India.

What are Wai Wai noodles made of?

Ingredients: wheat flour, palm oil, salt, chilli, garlic powder, pepper, salt, msg, dried chives.

Can we eat raw Yippee?

Yippee (Boil or Eat raw) Yippee is a noodles that you can either eat by boiling in water or just like that. Both the way gives you a good taste but if your more hungry you can boil it in a pan by adding some vegetables, oils and masala and boil for 2 min your noodles is ready.

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How do you make Wai Wai raw?


  1. Take A Bowl And Add The Masala, Pepper And Oil Packets Included In The Wai Wai Veg Packet.
  2. Crush The Waiwai Veg Masala Noodles And Put It In A Bowl.
  3. Add Onions, Tamarind Chatney, Coriander Leave, Raw Mango, And Green Chatney.
  4. Stir And Mix It Well.

Can u eat Maggi raw?

But here’re the facts: yes, while it tastes relatively weird, it’s perfectly fine to eat it uncooked. The reason is that instant noodles are essentially already cooked before packaging: you’re therefore just having it in a different way when you down it without boiling it.

Does Wai Wai contain chicken?

Wai Wai instant Noodle Chicken flavor “Munch it, Soup it, Lunch it” Perhaps the most common brand of dry foods in Nepal. This Chicken Flavour Oriental Style Instant Noodles contains ingredients such as Wheat flour, edible palm oil, salt.

Where is Wai Wai made?

Wai Wai (Thai: ไวไว, pronounced [wāj wāj]; Nepali: वाइ वाइ) is a brand of instant noodles produced by the Thai Preserved Food Factory, Co., Ltd. (TPFF) in Thailand and by the Chaudhary Group in Nepal. The brand has been produced in Thailand since 1972 by Thai Preserved Food Factory Co., Ltd.

Is Wai Wai a ramen?

WAI WAI brand are the original Thai instant noodle. Not very spicy, with nice firm noodles.

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