If you want the change then 'BE THE CHANGE' . Yeah that's what my husband Sarav did. Our journey towards an organic living...

Urad dal

It all started TWO years back.. We were planning to return back to India after 6 years of US life.

And we are bombarded with the usual questions..

Why are you leaving US?

Visa problem?
Family pressure?
Personal issues?

No. No. No.. We had our own dreams and plans. Our friends had so many questions in mind and they thought we took a wrong and tough decision to return back to our homeland. It is actually a tough decision to leave back everything we loved but not a wrong one. My husband always have a dream of owning a farm and do only organic stuff. He says, No to pesticides or anything that harm any living. We definitely can't achieve this dream being at a foreign country. We may be paid more, enjoy more, free of responsibilities. But somewhere in our mind, we missed something. Its not about money. Its the real happiness of being at home. The Real HOME.

Whatever we earn, it will not be definitely enough as we always tend to expand our needs. You have to decide and put a stop if you met your basic needs.

Its not that hard to be back home. After coming back to India, we had troubles to adapt to the climate and other situation but we definitely didn't miss US except our dear friends. As we kept us busy in India, we didn't had time to actually think of missing.

When we came back to India, all our relatives felt happy about our decision that they can at least meet us whenever they want. We felt a closeness around every one of our relative after coming back and we felt secured. Again, we didn't want to stay away from native as that is almost same like being in US. We didn't want to visit our hometown just on weekends or for any festivals.

Before we take a step to organic farming, we first need to understand the environment and people. Sarav got a job where they agreed to work from home option. Yes, we are lucky enough to get that golden opportunity. It helped us to stay in our hometown.

Initially when my husband said about his dream of doing organic farming and decided to buy a farm land, everyone asked, are you mad? Instead of living peacefully, why sweating yourself by working in a farm. Its definitely not possible to make everyone understand what you are trying to do. We decided to explain the importance of organic farming first to our parents and immediate relatives and get their blessings. My husband never opposed to anything they said, he just remained calm whenever they discouraged him. May be since he remained calm and willful, it helped us to convince, not completely though but got a half-hearted approval from everyone at home :) .

The first thing they had in mind was, how could a person sitting with a computer for hours can work in a farm? Being an engineer, how does he know what to do in farming? He didn't have enough experience.

We are not born engineers. We did study to become an engineer. Though my husband didn't have field experience, he did study lot of materials related to organic farming and attended few trainings in agriculture university. One of the best material is Pasumai Vikatan, it contains lots and lots of details about organic farming and go to contact details. If you want to achieve your dream , you don't have to be lucky, you should march and work towards it to achieve that.

We didn't care much about the society's opinion as they always have something to say. When we do it right and result comes right, then everyone will get to know what we are doing and will automatically accept our ideas. So we didn't spend much effort to convince the society. We let them go.

After convincing the elders at home, we finally bought a farm. Sarav took his own time to organize the list he had in mind, when to start, what to start first ? All the studies he did, didn't go waste. He has finally started organic farming now. Though the first thing he had in mind is to meet the basic needs for home, we have to satisfy the profit making mindset of elders at home too. We decided to plant tapioca in 3 acres of land as per elder's idea, but in between each tapioca plant, we planted urad dal, ground nuts and onion. And in another acre we planted sesame seeds surrounded by toor dal and cowpea as borders. And we planted mixed seeds (20 varieties) in another acre to bring back the fertility of the soil.

For organic farming, we needed native breed cows. Again when we wanted to buy one, people around said its just waste of money as those cows give less litres of milk. Most of the people have already migrated to jersey cows for more litres of milk and money. Sarav's obstinate desire to do organic farming helped to convince again and we bought a native breed cow (Kangeyam) along with a calf. My kid named her as 'Paappu' :). Even after the protest for jallikattu, some of the people still refuse to understand the importance of native breed. But its good to know that the youngsters are at least having an awareness of native breed cattle.


Kangeyam kaalai maadu

For all the patience and hard working, after the first seeding, we got good rain for 2 days :) . Everyone is happy at home. Seeing the efforts of what Sarav did, farmers in the neighborhood started getting interest on organic farming and asked details about it. We are just waiting for the first harvest to prove ourselves. Fingers crossed :). I strongly believe that Sarav will be an inspiration to many. Most of the people are still having a hesitation to go with their passion. Just trust your guts and step on.

If we are ready to change first, then it is so easy to change the people around. So If you want the change 'BE THE CHANGE'. Eager to see pesticide free organic world soon :). Small drop makes an Ocean.

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  1. Good job Bala and saravana. .. ur dream is already has become true ... wish u r family all success and our prayers for the same ... kudos to u guys

  2. Awesome BalašŸ˜ŠLet god blessing be with you and him and I wish your family a successful journey in organic farming. Very happy to see people from our generation marching towards successful farmingšŸ‘

  3. Great and bold Move Bala and Sarav ! Wish you the best . Its very inspiring to see our generation step into the farm. Pursuing your passion leaving the comfort level will definitely take you to heights ..like your organic farming idea. From the bottom of my heart wish you all success!

  4. Great Job Guys!! I can see your honest passion in your life!! great great going... All the very best :) Hearty wishes to both of you in your success!!! God bless you guys!

  5. Good to see this Saravana and Bala. When we chase the dreams with heart, passion and hard work, it never lets anyone down. My best wishes. Let both of you become a role model for others to follow organic farming.

    @Bala - Special thanks for allowing your hubby to chase his passion. I knew what it means :) . And thanks for blogging abt it as well. Keep writing...

    1. Very happy to receive comments from a person who is already creating a change in the society. Your wishes means a lot to me. Thank you so much da :)

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