Friday, June 19, 2020

Homemade Butter from Curd

Homemade butter is always special because its free of preservatives and it is fresh. Fresh ones will always taste better. At first I thought its a tedious job. But once I started making at home, I got to know that its really easy to make and I couldn't think of buying it from outside as the satisfaction it gives me is huge. 

Home made butter is so tasty and flavorful. It can be used for baking purposes, making ghee and while serving bread. 

Some people collect the malai / cream from thick milk and start collecting it for making butter. But I collect the top layer of fresh curd and store it in refrigerator . Once I get the required quantity, I'll make the butter. The end quantity of butter you get is based on the fat content of the milk you use for the curd. 


ice cubes


  • collect the thick layer formed on top of the curd everyday and store it in refrigerator
  • I collected it for 10 days and got around 700 ml of thick creamy curd. 
  • Depends on the thickness of the milk, this quantity varies
  • I use this mixer jar for making butter

  • transfer the thick curd to the mixie jar
  • add 4 to 5 ice cubes
  • in a bowl, pour some water and add few ice cubes. This bowl is for collecting the butter. Ice cubes helps to keep the butter firm while collecting
  • Run the mixie in pulse mode. This is the most important step. If you run the mixie in 1, 2 or 3 then the curd will become butter milk and butter won't get separated. So make sure you run the mixie in pulse mode
  • Run it for few seconds and pulse off. Then do it again for few more seconds. 
  • within a minute or two, the curd will start churning. Add few more ice cubes and pulse it again
  • after two to three minutes, the butter will get separated
  • collect the butter leaving the buttermilk at the bottom and put it in the bowl having chilled water and ice cubes. Wash it well, drain the water and store it in a container
  • refrigerate it. Butter stays good for a month if placed in a clean container in freezer. Use a clean and dry spoon always. 
  • Home made butter is ready. 
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