Thursday, November 2, 2017

Kadarangai Urugai / Wild lemon pickle

Kadarangai urugai
Wild lemon pickle

Kadarangai , the name might surprise you. Its actually a big sized lemon, triple the size of lemon. Yellow color Kadarangai is the ripen one and its good for making pickles.

My dad's neighbour gave this Kadarangai from their backyard. My dad reserved this fruit specially for me as I can put a post in my blog :) .

I made this pickle, with my mom's help as her recipe never goes wrong . After two weeks of soaking, pickle really came out well, and it tastes exactly like a lemon pickle. But this wild lemon fruit is even more sour than a normal lemon :). I haven't added vinegar,  as the quantity I made is very less. Its better to go without a preservative, so I made sure that I make less quantity.  You can also make normal lemon pickle with the same recipe. This recipe is going to be a hit and its a treat for pickle lovers.

Serve this pickle as a side for curd rice. It also goes very well with roti / chappathi.

Ingredients :

Kadarangai ( chopped ) - 2.5 cups [ 1 cup size = 150 ml ]
crystal salt - 3/4 cup
dry red chili - 15 - 20
fenugreek seeds - 1/4 teaspoon 
asafoetida - 1/4 teaspoon 


  • dry roast fenugreek seeds and red chili seperately
  • make sure you don't roast fenugreek seeds to dark brown in color. It will then turn the pickle bitter. Roast in low flame till it turns golden brown in color. 
  • grind roasted red chilies and fenugreek seads to a fine powder
  • wash and clean the kadarangai. Make sure kadarangai is dry before chopping. 
  • chop the kadarangai to small pieces. 
  • in a glass bottle / mud pot, mix together salt, asafoetida and kadarangai pieces. 
  • let it stay for 2 - 3 hours. 
  • salt will get watery and the color of kadarangai pieces will slightly get changed.
  • at this stage, add the grounded red chili and fenugreek powder. 
  • mix it well. 
  • always use a dry spoon or ladle to mix / take the pickle. Otherwise pickle will go bad soon. 
  • close the container. mix it with the dry spoon / ladle everyday until the wild lemon skin becomes soft. 
  • once it becomes soft, you can heat 2 teaspoon of oil and add some mustard seeds. once it splutters, add the pickle and mix it well. Then store it in a glass bottle or mud pot. This step is purely optional. If you don't want oil, then no need to temper it with oil and mustard seeds. I didn't add oil in my pickle. 
  • serve it as a side for curd rice and roti / chappathi. 

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