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Maa ladoo / Maa laddu

Maa ladoo
Maa ladoo

Maa ladoo / Maa laddu also known as pottukadalai urundai is an easy to make recipe with simple ingredients. In the original maa ladoo recipe, almonds and pista are not added. However, I tried adding almonds and pista just to add nuts to my kid's diet. The taste after adding nuts turned out well and the flavor was awesome.

Pottukadalai / Roasted gram / Fried gram dal is very healthy especially for kids. So this maa ladoo recipe is perfect for kids and you can give this maa laddu to them as after school snacks.

Usually we do this maa ladoo for festival occasion like diwali. As this is very healthy for kids, I keep making these ladoos everytime when it gets over. Try making this healthy sweet for your kids and share your feedback in the comments below.

Ingredients (makes 15 ladoos)

Roasted gram dal / Fried gram dal / Pottukadalai - 1 cup [ 1 cup size = 240ml ]
Almonds - 1/2 cup
Pista - 1/2 cup
Elachi / Cardamom - 2
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Ghee - 1/4 cup
cashews - 10 (optional)


  • Grind sugar and cardamom seeds to a fine powder. Transfer it to a bowl

  • Dry roast Fried gram dal / pottukadalai until you get a nice aroma. Do not let it change color. 

  • dry roast almonds and pista separately

  • grind roasted gram dal first to a fine powder. add it to the bowl containing sugar powder
  • grind roasted almonds and pista separately to a fine powder. As pista and almonds leave some oil, don't grind it along with roasted gram dal as it prevents grinding fried gram dal to a fine powder. 
  • add the almonds, pista powders to the bowl
  • melt ghee
  • if you want, you can fry cashews in ghee and add it to the mixture. I didn't add as my son is one year old and adding nuts will be difficult for him to chew :) .
  • add the melted ghee to the mixture. combine everything
  • when the mixture is warm enough that your hand can bear, start making ladoos. If needed you can apply some ghee for your hands for a smooth finish.
  • store it in an airtight container. It will stay good for minimum 10 days.

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