Thursday, November 5, 2015

Badusha / Balushahi



As there is only 5 more days to go for Diwali, presenting you a soft and delicious sweet recipe "Badusha" or "Balushahi" that you can make at your home for this Diwali. This recipe is exclusively simple to make yet tastes yummy.

I never thought I can make Badhusha at home as we usually eat store bought since childhood. I made these for last diwali and my husband said WOW. For this year, we are lucky to stay with the family, so I am going to make this again as everyone in my family loves eating Badushas anytime. You can also try making this simple sweet dish at your home and surprise your family members.

Ingredients (makes around 12 pieces)

All purpose flour / maida - 1 1/2 cups [ 1 cup size = 240 ml ]
Butter + oil - 1/4 cup + 1/8 cup
baking soda - 2 pinches
curd - 1 1/2 teaspoon
sugar - 1/2 teaspoon
water - 1/4 cup approximately
oil - for deep frying
almonds or any other nuts - for garnishing (optional)

For the syrup:

sugar - 1/2 cup
water - just to immerse the sugar
rose essence - 1 drop  (optional)


  • melt butter

  • add oil, baking soda, curd and sugar to the melted butter and mix well
  • add flour to the mixture and mix to get a crumble texture
  • add water slowly and form a smooth dough. [ Note: You may not need the whole 1/4 cup sometimes, so be careful in adding the water while kneading the dough ]
  • knead well at least for 5 - 10 minutes to get a smooth texture
  • make 12 equal sized balls 
  • you can make badusha in two shapes. You can either flatten a ball to a round shape and make a hole in the center [ like the shape of a doughnut ] or you can pinch of the edges and fold it inwards and repeat the same to get it like a rim [ shown in the below picture ] . Make 12 such badusha and keep it aside
  • in a pan, add 1/2 sugar and water just to immerse the sugar and boil it until you get one string consistency. You can check the one string consistency by pouring one drop of sugar syrup in 3 teaspoon of water, the syrup will not get dissolved in water. 

  • You can add one drop of rose essence in the syrup if you like its flavor. This step is purely optional.
  • when making the syrup, you can heat the oil for deep frying in parallel
  • once the oil is heated, keep it in medium flame and then add the shaped badusha in the oil
  • fry it until you get golden brown color on both sides. [Note: if the badusha dissolves in oil, then you might have added excess oil or butter. So to adjust that, you can add little more flour, knead it again and then make shapes and fry it. Add butter and oil just as the quantity given above, if you reduce butter quantity then you may not get soft badusha ]
  • drain the excess oil in paper towel and immediately add the badushas in the sugar syrup

  • once it gets coated nicely, take it out of the syrup and let it dry completely

  • Garnish it with grated almonds or any other nuts if you like. 
  • Enjoy making this sweet for diwali or for any other festival at your home.  It stays good for a week at least. Do not refrigerate,it will become hard. 

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  1. Wow super bala.. I wish to try this for Diwali and post my comments soon :)
    Advance Diwali wishes to you...

    1. Thanks Prathi. Hope it came out well for you. And belated diwali wishes :) :)


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