Monday, March 2, 2015

Phulka (Soft and flat wheat breads)


Phulka - also known as roti or chappathi is a soft, flat bread made of wheat flour, popular in several regions in India. Initially I thought, making phulka is a very difficult task but after trying out 2, 3 times, it became easy and everyone prefers to have roti this way. Making roti this way gives a soft and fluffy chappathi and it remains soft for a longer time.

Ingredients (makes around 9 phulkas)

Wheat flour - 2 cups (1 cup size = 150 ml) and some more flour for dusting
salt - as needed
water - as needed


  • mix salt and wheat flour together
  • add water little by little and make a smooth dough. Dough has to be loose and moist. 
  • cover the dough with a wet cloth for 30 minutes
  • after 30 minutes, dust it with some flour, kneed well and make equal size balls of small lemon size.
  • dust some flour on the rolling board and pin 
  • roll the dough balls to thin flat circle. Sprinkle some flour for easy rolling. 
  • heat a pan and put the roti (pan has to be real hot for making phulkas)
  • turn over in few seconds and cook until the ends start lifting up
  • turnover now and you will see some brown spots
  • remove the pan and place the roti wire rack on the flame. Place the less cooked side of the phulkas on the rack, the phulka will start puffing up now. You can use the wire rack on both direct flame stove and  electric stove top or electric coil top. You can also keep it in direct flame, but that needs lot more practice to make perfect phulkas. 

  • Once the phulka starts puffing up, remove the rack from the flame and place the phulka in a plate. 
  • Now place the pan back on the flame and cook rest of the phulkas
  • Serve hot with dal tadka, raita or any other side dish.
  • If you are going to eat the phulkas later, then you can apply some ghee over each phulka and cover it with a lid. Phulkas will remain soft. 

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